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1. ‚The MARGA Business Case‘
Participants report : REpower Systems SE
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2. ‘ The MARGA experience’
Participants report : ESMT European School of Management and Technology
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The MARGA general management business simulation is offered by MARGA Business Simulations GmbH and can trace its origins to an initiative of ESMT European School of Management and Technology and the Handelsblatt publishing group.

MARGA goes back to the year 1971. The then University Seminar of Economics (Universitätsseminar der Wirtschaft, USW) was the first service provider to develop the MARGA business simulation and implemented it in its own management programs. In the same year, together with the Handelsblatt publishing group, the MARGA Open Online Competition was carried out for the first time. Nowadays it takes place twice a year. Furthermore, with its customized in-house programs, MARGA has by now established itself as a partner to many customers worldwide.

Since 1971, MARGA has gone through many content-based, didactic and technological development steps, most recently under the umbrella of the ESMT European School of Management and Technology. The basic idea that existed at the beginning of the simulation has remained. Offering a business management simulation as a didactic method through which the new generation of young managers and high-potential employees learn and train in the area of business contexts and management methods 'on-the-job'.

In the year 2007, MARGA was transferred to the newly established MARGA Business Simulations GmbH.

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