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InterLAB – the interpersonal Skills LAB

InterLAB is designed to improve interpersonal skills (e.g. leadership, communication, coordination, ...) in order to minimize error and increase efficiency of collaboration. A fictional and exciting spaceflight scenario confronts participants with real-life challenges but focuses exclusively on the human factor. During consecutive simulation cycles participants develop individual collaboration mechanisms that help them to master challenging situations at work more efficiently. The high-end training „lab“ consists of a realtime computer simulation, behaviour measuring instruments and a methodology toolkit for effective learning transfer. Trainees leave the „lab“ with field tested plans for action that can be applied already next day. The method is unique since 1998, scientifically based and very fast. Target groups currently served: aviation, emergency services, energy, health care, information technology, logistics + transportation, production.

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Company description

Ninecubes Lernmedien GmbH

The Ninecubes label was created in 1996 by Alexander Stork. Still enrolled at the Technical University Furtwangen (Germany) he worked from his Black Forest student apartment delivering computer based high end training media to Lufthansa Flight Training, later envolving other airlines, too. 1998, invention of a digital game based learning method with unique human behavior measuring capabilities. The pioneer works and experiences with over 4000 participants led to the flagship product: InterLAB – the interpersonal Skills LAB is marketed since 2002 and comes with modules for various target groups. Ninecubes has developed an international community of licenced trainers and training institutions offering a multitude of training formats to improve interpersonal skills (e.g. leadership, communication, coordination, ...). 2001, the company was moved close to St.Gallen (Switzerland) and operates since 2005 as a Limited Liability Company (GmbH). Today renowned players of industries like aviation, emergency services, energy, health care, information technology, logistics + transportation and production rely on Ninecubes’ products and services. Services: Licencing of InterLAB, train-the-trainer, simulation trainings, consulting. Mission: To prevent profit loss, injuries and fatalities caused by human factor. Motto: Realtime training. Realworld outcome.

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Dipl. Inform. FH Medieninformatik Alexander Stork

My world are simulations – the „premium class“ among digital learning media. My „recipe“ for successful trainings is to combine learning objectives with emotional impact and space for discovery of personal findings. 1998 I have invented a highly immersive realtime multiplayer simulation. It is probably (one of) the first digital game based learning methods purely focussing on interpersonal Skills.

After born in 1970 in Frankfurt (Germany) I made my discoveries during the following stages: My first computer when I was 15, bachelor of science in „Computer Science in Media“ at Furtwangen University HFU (Germany), consulting human factors psychologists at Lufthansa, education designer for an international e-learning company, certification as „Dolphin Strategies“ trainer, Member of SAGSAGA. Currently I am responsible for designing web-based trainings at STEAG & Partner and leading my own company Ninecubes.

Since 2001 I live with my family in the beautiful Appenzellerland in the foothills of the Swiss Alps.



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