Company description


Cenandu creates learning scenarios
for understanding economics, Leadership and strategy. Cenandu is a network of consultants facilitating complex learning processes; we do international leadership programs, local economic trainings and support strategy transfer in companies. We believe in interactive experiential learning with board games to strengthen strategic thinking.

We use ready-made Celemi board games from Sweden, who is a partner as well on this conference. With the Celemi network we are able to offer world wide support. Cenandu is specialised on systemic topics and created it own simulation: APM Advanced Project Management in 2013. Our goal for the seminar is: create the awareness for the topic, understand the connection to practise and reflect upon your actions.

Founder is Claudia Schmitz, who does board games with Celemi since 1999 and started Cenandu in Cologne in 2002. Her background beside games is corporate communications, leadership and strategic thinking. Claudia was a press speaker in companies before and was president of the management network EWMD. She is a networker and loves people.

Topics of our customers:

Understanding of economic interaction
Strategic Management of a company, strategic change
Talent Management, leadership in the matrix
Breakthrough Innovation
Supply Management
Project Management
Sales and Marketplaces

10 Years Tango University Bochum 2008
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