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TOPSIM – Online

Do you have experience with business simulations but are still challenged by their complexity and the transfer of knowledge?

TOPSIM’s brand-new online platform operates as an interactive online portal that adjusts to the users’ wants and needs during a business simulation seminar. The Online Platform’s appeal lies in its ability to effectively analyze and understand the simulation results. Integrated communication and management tools (e.g. info hub, management cockpit) support even virtual cooperation and collaboration within a team. In addition to the innovative environment, which was designed to support the use of mobile devices such as Tablets and Smartphones, TOPSIM – Online offers you a wide range of different scenarios. These allow you to simulate different business models, challenges and levels of complexity.

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TOPSIM – General Management

Is establishing a link between management theory and business practice the core of your training approach? Then out of the whole TOPSIM assortment, TOPSIM – General Management is the perfect simulation for you. The learning content includes entrepreneurial and goal-oriented thinking. It also includes training in the recognition of external influences throughout all areas of a complex business environment. TOPSIM – General Management uses modules and offers a wide variety of complexity to give you the ability to customize it to your target group.

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TOPSIM – easyManagement

Are you looking for a learning solution to enhance basic business knowledge? This management simulation comes particularly recommended for its effective presentation of fundamental economic knowledge and basic interactions within an innovative sport and leisure company. The different interrelations of planning and implementing a successful strategy, a well-balanced Sales & Marketing mix, as well as understanding financial figures are the main learning objectives of this TOPSIM management simulation.

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TOPSIM – Going Global

Whether you are an MBA student, a manager or junior executive – this management simulation will inspire you! The participants face the challenge of establishing a multinational company spanning 6 economic world regions. The analysis of successful expansion strategies and potential in different economic regions, as well as the understanding of and adaption to specific cultural customer requirements, are the focal points of this simulation. It’s time to go global!

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How have you leveraged technology to allow your employees to learn whenever and wherever they need it? TATA Interactive Systems presents LEARNow, a cloud based mobile solution to support and enhance the performance of your workforce. Now you can create and deliver seamless content that transcends multiple devices and operating systems all in one go! Minimum effort, maximum impact – that’s LEARNowTM.

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Company description

With more than 800 e-learning specialists at several locations, TATA Interactive Systems (TIS) develops more than 3,000 hours of high-quality learning solutions every year. This includes web based trainings, mobile learning, as well as serious games and complex management simulations. With the brand TOPSIM and its management simulations, TATA Interactive Systems is the market leader for computer-based management games in the German-speaking area.

Therefore TATA Interactive Systems is the worldwide leading provider for individual and interactive learning systems. Since the founding of the company in the early 1990s, TATA Interactive Systems has been continually growing and developing individual learning solutions globally for almost every branch. With two development centers in Germany (Tübingen) and Switzerland (Zug), the company is deeply rooted in the German-speaking area. The German establishment, which has been part of TATA Interactive Systems since 2006, can look back on more than 30 years of experience with business simulations and computer-based training.

The company has extensive in-house competencies in the areas of programming, design, didactics, LMS-Systems, learning theories, and mobile learning. At the office in Tübingen, a team of more than 25 professionals serves the German market.

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