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Kairos simulation game

Kairos is the ancient Greek word for the right moment. Kairos asks for the individual’s position in the rhythm of his life. Based on this, development potentials can be determined and vocations be realized. The Kairos Theory, developed by Dr. Karl Hofmann, brings intuition into objective terms. The Kairos simulation game, a unique training set invented by Gerd Xeller, makes the theory tangible. It serves as a diagnostic and coaching instrument in human resources development, team building, company succession and business strategy.

Wide game

The Xeller wide game combines an outdoor course with company-specific learning contents. It aims on team building and communication. In the manner of geo-caching, the participants move by bike or segway between the different stations to solve tasks. After each station, the members of each team reflect their behavior in a team game and receive puzzle pieces resulting in a picture. The emotional game situation reveals the participiants’ characteristics, thus providing the basis for a sustainable personal and team development.

Company description

Xeller Training offers seminars and consulting for enterprises and individuals. The company was founded by Gerd Xeller in 2007. As a student at the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm he started to gain experience with the student consultancy ponte e.V. After having worked as a personnel officer at DB ProjektBau GmbH in Munich he passed a personal trainer education. The Xeller Training team is completed by Frank Bosch, Thomas Bitsch and Janto Oellrich. Over 15 years of experience in human resources development enter into the training modules. They include personal development and team building, social and media competence, development of simulation games and cooperation and relationship management.

Xeller Training focuses on realizing productivity potentials by efficient and human cooperation, including health considerations. Skills are delivered in a holistic approach based on the method of experimental learning. The tailored measures are adapted to the economic realities of each enterprise, giving the opportunity to experience company processes by means of simulation games.


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