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Products/Business Cases

Management game “Dandelion“

  • Conception of a management game in four phases with a virtual and analog game instructor 
  • Controlling the client kindergarten/community, as well as the engineering service provider
  • Accompanying training in project management consisting of several modules
  • Feedback loops referring to phases and qualification of team leader
  • Target group: team leaders, engineers

Management game “Konstrukt2“

  • Playful element for an assessment center specified on engineers
  • Interviews with executive managers concerning job specifications
  • Game development, monitoring criteria and matrix, test runs
  • Production of high-quality materials, development and execution of a pilot
  • Target group: construction engineers

Simulation “Living the Excellence“

  • Simulation to optimize interfaces at two production sites
  • Well-founded identification of needs, talks, interviews with all departments
  • Conception of an interactive simulation between production, sales and indoor service  Moderation of the simulation, reflection as well as companionship and transfer
  • Target group: employees

Playful element “Labyrinth“

  • Conception and production of a complex, accessible labyrinth as a team task
  • Use of the labyrinth as workshop during a summer camp for children
  • Focus on cooperation and communication within the team
  • Planning and constructing of particular sections, creative designing of sections, game rules and reflection
  • Target group: Children from 9 to 12 years

MSD Collective conference Interactive board game “Expedition“

  • Large group event
  • Motto: “Expedition“
  • Interactive, accessible board game individually designed for the company
  • 72 active stations – which result from the story on the board game and pick up the particular brand values
  • Communication of the new brand values with the overall dramaturgy “expedition”
  • Target group: 1600 employees working in field and indoor service
  • 4-hour dice-and-drawing game in 240 teams of 6 to 7 people

Bayern 1, Bavarias’ best Bavarians

  • Public event
  • Motto: “Bayern 1 is searching Bavarias’ best Bavarians“
  • Qualification tour and grand finale in order to attract and commit listeners
  • Target group: women and men aged 40 to 60 years, families
  • Game concept: “Game without borders”
  • Teams play against each other on 4 large stages
  • Game duration: 3 to 4 hours

Company description

eo ipso

eo ipso Konzept & Training GmbH is specialized in company-specific organizational and HR development measures for executive managers, teams and employees – this is how we support you and your company in your current challenges targeted and effective.

In close cooperation with our partner agency spiel & sport team GmbH we familiarize ourselves with your specific situation of your company, your visions, values, your executive managers and employees and identify your needs with you.

We provide areas of action which promote playful learning of experiences and use the enthusiasm of the people which is created by this atmosphere to transfer their newly acquired knowledge in their daily work.

eo ipso – by oneself, from within oneself, for oneself.

spiel & sport team GmbH

Playful experiencing is brought to everyone by spiel & sport team GmbH and, as a special service provider for games, experience and knowledge communication, it has been a true team player both on and off stage for 25 years.

In close cooperation with our partner agency, eo ipso Konzept & Training GmbH, we build a deep understanding of themes and contents through games. We involve people and commit them effectively to messages and goals. We deliver our customers’ messages to their target groups and their employees - with emotions that shape lasting behaviors and brand consciousness.

Our goal is enthusiasm – in our customers and employees. Our formula of success – trust, respect and openness.

We make brands happen!

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