Organization Game

We customized the “Organization Game” for the German speaking market. It simulates a laboratory, in which real human behaviour of people in a company can be observed, closely. So it is ideal for universities, which want to combine the reflection and the theoretical explanations of human behaviour. In the game, 25 to 50 participants start and develop a real business company, form a typical organisational structure, coordinate their work, and improve their company. 

Shipyard Flott

Shipyard Flott is a typical example of the custom development at intrestik. The client had a clear thematic requirement: the influence of leaders on quality should be experienced and accomplished by raising awareness. From the production process and management elements, intrestik produced a game solution that created the feeling of a real business process for the participants. The participants could feel the pressure of the production specifications and quality control. 


This simulation game was developed by Richard Duke and his team (Multilogue) and is now licenced over UCS (Switzerland). HEX is our "Swiss Army Knife" for leadership issues.  intrestik uses it to focus  on various topics:

  • use of scarce resources,
  • entrepreneurial thinking and action
  • crisis management

The unique shape of the HEX board conveyed the metaphor of a company to the participants effectively.

Company description

intrestik, a developer and conductor of organization and simulation games, was founded in 2004 in Munich by Eric Treske. He is a sociologist with the focus on organization and has had several years of experience as a consultant in the field of personal and organization development. In 2008, intrestik established a second office in the German capital, Berlin.

intrestik supports its customers to improve their business by finding new ways to work together. For this goal, intrestik uses the theoretical knowledge from social science and the power of gaming simulations in their in their consulting projects and in their ready-made and special developed simulation games. For example, intrestik had supported its clients by the implementation of group work, and the establishment of a shared vision of quality and risk awareness, in critical infrastructure systems.

intrestik has (co-)developed games and used them in its consulting projects, as seen above.

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