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Thiagi’s Game Design Services

Add Excitement to Your Training--And Increase Its Effectiveness!

Have you written a book or developed a training workshop? Thiagi can create games, simulations, and other experiential activities to enrich your product. Result: Your training reaches new heights of excitement and effectiveness.

Thiagi has designed interactive, experiential activities for several best-selling training products. He has worked with seven authors, creators of three survey instruments, and eight major corporations that provide training products and services.

Here's what Thiagi can do for you:

Provide his services at whatever level you want: Thiagi can design a 5-minute exercise on a specific topic or a week-long simulation to form the core of your training workshop. Meet your specific needs. Thiagi can create games for technical training, management training, and sales training.

Work in a variety of formats. Thiagi literally wrote the book on 30 different types of interactive experiential learning. He creates training games, simulations, computer games, roleplays, card games, board games, large-group games, solitaire games, rapid games, reflective games--and a combination of formats to suit your needs.

Thiagi's games go beyond fun. They engage participants in intriguing and challenging activities to explore concepts, master skills, and examine personal paradigms.

Thiagi works fast. His rapid instructional design approach is based on a personal collection of hundreds of games and templates. He can rapidly mix and match and create the best game for your needs.

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Sivasailam “Thiagi” Thiagarajan has been designing and facilitating games, simulations, and training activities for 92 years (including his previous lifetimes). In this lifetime, he has started designing games when he was 8 years old. Since 1998, Thiagi has designing a new training game each day, including weekends and holidays. He has published six hefty game books and 27 slim game booklets. Every month, he publishes an online GameLetter. Beginning with June 2001, all the back issues of the GameLetter are archived in his website

Company description

Workshops by Thiagi, Inc

We do training--and we do it differently.

We use games and activities that engage the participants. We keep them interacting with each other and with the content.

We design training faster, cheaper, and better with an irreverent process that eliminates irrelevant steps and content.

We train others to train their participants through activities. We conduct train-the-trainer workshops around the world. We publish books and design games to spread our approach to helping people learn.

Come play with us! We'll have you laughing and learning.

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