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Fort Fantastic is a manage- ment simulation game developed to assist teachers, students and business professionals in teaching and learning practical business skills.

It was designed as an action-based learning tool for the contemporary classroom, to help understand and develop key behavior needed in organizational structures and processes, such as:

  • leadership skills
  • team building
  • communication
  • group behavior
  • stress management
  • risk taking
  • conflict resolution
  • process management
  • error handling
  • and many more...


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Company description

Business Games and Simulations Labs – short BuGaSi Labs – is an innovative developer of computer-aided business games. Our products provide a whole new experience in the field of education and training to our customers. Participants of our business management simulations learn by experience. They practice their skills and behaviours for their daily business rather than consuming the teacher's knowledge. This is how we create sustainable learning effects. Our solutions perfectly match the requirements of all educational institutions - that includes Universities, Colleges as well as corporate training departments.


Prof. Dr. Roland Böttcher

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