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Explore the strategy and challenges of leadership

6styles is a simulation tool that challenges the leadership preferences and skills of participants through a series of carefully designed problem scenarios. 6styles is intended for both new and more experienced managers, and can be set up to match the specific leadership challenges that different groups of participants have to deal with, as well as their positions within the organisation.

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Dressed for future changes

Changesetter is a broad change technology, created to dress organizations with the mental and emotional awareness, connection and energy that successful change requires. The overall philosophy of Changesetter is that good change management is about providing follow- ership to the change and to ensure that there is knowledge and understanding of potential resistance reactions in the change process.

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Company description

Relation Technologies works with a broad spectrum of technologies, including board games, online simulation, gamification and authorization programs for various forms of organizational development. Relation Technologies has developed the following three concepts.

  • Changesetter is a broad-spectrum change technology created to give organizations the mental and emotional attention, commitment and energy that successful change requires.
  • 6Styles is a reflection-tool designed for the development of managers' leadership-repertoire and self-awareness. 6Styles is a theoretical universe which takes its starting point in 6 different leadership styles and the effect they have on the organisation.
  • Public Professional is a conversation system developed for employees who work with citizen or customer contact.

Due to our international focus, we have extensive experience with taking on transnational challenges that we resolve based on the clients’ knowledge. One example is the case studies we write for transnational and major national projects that are tailored to the context that the client works in. This means that Relation Technologies’ clients can create a universe, which is tailored specially to their organization.

At Relation Technologies we are currently experiencing a lot of interest in our learning perspectives and technical expertise. We are often contacted by universities and organizations abroad and contribute in many initiatives relating to game simulations and online learning, all over the world.

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